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Hurricane Irene IPA ...

Hurricane Irene had an interesting effect on DC area. People were rushing for last minute shopping, at one of the local  Target 's there were no D size batteries, and my weekly early morning shopping trip found the cashiers struggling to keep up with the unexpected rush.  I tracked the storm on and off as it approached and decided that a few hours housebound would be most productive in the kitchen. As long as there was electricity the only thing to do is make a batch of home brew. Brewing Pot Home brewing is a science and art project which creates beer for personal consumption. The nice thing is that with the right ingredients you can make a darn good beer... the not nice thing is you have to wait! Wait for the water to boil, wait while the wort (wort is jargon for unfermented hop, malted barley water) boils, wait while the wort cools, wait while the wort goes through 2 or 3 fermentation stages. The average amount of time is about a four to five weeks from start to finish; 5

S L O W…. Cooked Pulled Pork

Few things are as satisfying as those that require us to slow down and take our time! Think back to your first kiss…that first glance, the waiting and wondering, more eye contact before you begin talking, casually at first… then talking endlessly in every free moment. Next perhaps you’re holding hands and talking more. Eventually a moment arrives in quiet embrace and just before your lips touch, you catch your breath! (Savor this moment!) Then BOOM! Fireworks explode as time stands still and you wish the moment would never end.  Slowing cooking pork can be like the build up to your first kiss; only the dinner and lunchtime sandwiches really last longer. I prefer a picnic shoulder over a Boston butt cut. Yeah, both are technically shoulder meat. The store-bought Boston butt (in this area) is over-trimmed leaving too little fat. Consequently, the absence of fat doesn’t allow the meat to maintain the sweet, moistness that should be in every bite of a pulled pork sandwich. Another way o

8/3 - CSA delivery - This week your box includes...

The challenges for the week a mild considering this week's delivery.  But I'll have to see how I can make it interesting. Squash - Crookneck and paddy pan Beta greens (a mix of swiss chard and beet greens) Tomatoes Red bell peppers Fennel Green beans Onions Garlic Tarragon

Cherry Pie

Cherry Pie straight from the oven.. the foil prevented the juices from spilling into the oven (thank goodness!) - This was my first attempt at making cherry pie - The recipe for the crust and pie are from Chez Panisse Fruit by Alice Waters - (Our copy is signed by the author thanks to our good friends Liz & Nick at the Blue Room  in Cambridge, Ma.) The Sour Cherry Pie recipe calls for 5 cups sour cherries 1 cup sugar (I used 1/2 cup) 3 tbs tapioca 1 tsp kirsch 2 pie crusts 2 tbs heavy cream (for brushing the lattice crust) 1 tbs unsalted butter The recipe was surprisingly easy. Mix cherries, kirsch, sugar and tapioca and let stand for 30-45 minutes.  Rollout crust, place in GLASS pie pan (the metal pie apparently react with the fruit juices), load filling into crust and cover with a lattice crust. Unfortunately, I didn't have tapioca and didn't want the chalky mouthfeel that I often get from cornstarch so I skipped the thickener altogether. My pie was a littl