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Meals February 7-14

 Meals February 7-14


Almond extract 




Yukon gold potatoes 


Brussel sprouts


Beans and greens 

Chicken and rice with peas and Brussel sprouts 

Chickpea Caesar salad

Wheat berry, grapes, arugula salad pg 62 w veg

Salmon, spinach and Butternut w spice pg 182 w veg

Ricotta and oregano meatballs (ottolenghi) with instant pot Polenta, peas and 

Barley bowls w roasted veg and avo dressing pg 49 w veg 

Beef meatballs with lemon and celery root (ottolenghi) with broccoli and Lima beans

Chicken Marbella (ottolenghi p 229) with instant pot polenta and roasted veg 

Slow cooked chicken with corn crust w Brussel sprouts and Lima beans

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